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About Us

TWINVAC Industries was established in July 1989 in a terrace type shop in Ubi Avenue with vacuum, protective gas and numerous high temperature tempering furnaces. With this humble set up, TWINVAC accomplished its ambitious mission to provide quality heat treatment services to manufacturers as well as mould and toolmakers.

By mid 1992, demand for their heat treatment services had outgrown their capacity and a new HL36 IQ vacuum furnace was acquired from the United States to meet the ever increasing demand.

In 1996, with the expansion of TWINVAC’s business and market share another HIQ3836 vacuum furnace was installed to ensure that their client’s demands are satisfied without any compromise on quality. By 2001, two more vacuum furnaces were added and to accommodate them the company’s operation was shifted to Kian Teck Way.

A laboratory complete with a range hardness and testing equipment, a metallurgical microscope and all necessary metallurgical specimen preparation equipment was set up to ensure that the company offer the highest quality in service.

In 2007/2008, the company committed to another Ipsen H5448, one Solar H6648 and another two units of H3636 furnaces for further expansion.
The company also shifted to the present premise at Third Chin Bee Road to cater for the additional furnaces.

In short, the Management strongly believes that in order to provide their clients with quality and on-time services, constant upgrading of their equipment and the addition of advanced testing equipment were vital to the growth and market expansions of the company.